John 3:16 Mission Donation

RCI Insurance recently donated 232 Thanksgiving dinners to the John 3:16 Mission of Tulsa.

The John 3:16 Mission works to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Tulsa’s hungry and homeless. Located in downtown Tulsa, Okla., the Mission provides food, shelter, clothing and restorative programs to those in need. Since its founding in 1952, the Mission has served in excess of 4 million meals and provided over 1 million individual shelters to the homeless.


John 316 Mission


My Teacher Rocks! September Winners!

Congratulations to our September winners:

Mrs. Woods from Verdigris Lower Elementary and her student Ciara Daniel. Mrs. Woods won a $50 Visa Gift Card and Ciara won a $10 Cherry Berry Gift Card and is entered to win the Grand Prize Drawing in December for a Kindle Fire.

Ciarra and Mrs. Woods

Ciara’s Essay
Ciara Daniel Mrs. Woods

Mrs. Armstrong from Sequoyah Lower Elementary and her student Kaylee Sabharwall. Mrs. Armstrong won a $50 Visa Gift Card and Kaylee won a $10 Cherry Berry Gift Card and is entered to win the Grand Prize Drawing in December for a Kindle Fire.

Kaylee and Mrs. Armstrong

Kaylee’s Essay
Kaylee Sabharwall Mrs Armstrong

We want to thank all of the students that submitted essays this month (89 Essays)! Remember we pick two winners each month, so be sure to get your essays submitted by the 25th for another chance to win!

For Rules, Regulations and Entry Forms please visit:

My Teacher Rocks

Welcome Week at Rogers State University

Last week RCI Insurance had a chance to attend and have a table at the Rogers State University (RSU) Welcome Week Big Tent Day. This was a first for RCI Insurance and the number of local businesses and organizations that came out to support and meet all the new “Hillcats” was incredible, two HUGE tents full!

We handed out a ton of bags, pens and highlighters to current and incoming students.

We are always excited and happy to get out of the office and meet new faces, answer their questions and let them know about our great team here at RCI Insurance and help them with their insurance needs like; Oklahoma Renter’s Insurance, Oklahoma Auto Insurance and Oklahoma Health Insurance.

Good Luck this Semester Hillcats!

Why I Like My Teacher

Do you remember being in elementary, middle school, and high school? Gosh, I do.  One of the few decent memories involves one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Wofford. He taught my favorite subject, English, and he taught it very well. In fact, he was so good, when I started college a couple years later, Comp 1 (the first English/writing class freshman take) was a review of what I had learned from him. Needless to say, it was difficult to go to class those mornings.

Students are with their teachers six to eight hours for five days a week. Sometimes, those kids are around their teachers more than their own parents. What kind of an impact are they making on our kids? Hopefully it’s a good impression.

All those teachers that seem to go unappreciated or underappreciated, we want to say thank you for all you do for our kids and for this country’s future generations. That’s why RCI Insurance started a program called “Why I Like My Teacher”. It’s a contest for all Rogers County schools and their students to tell us why their teacher is the greatest and the best.  This will be our third annual year of this contest. Let me just tell you, we’ve gotten some amazing essays about teachers. It’s exciting to see how our teachers are making such a huge difference in their students’ lives. You can see some of the winners on our Facebook page.

In our contest, every month two teachers are selected from the essays to receive $50 Visa gift cards. At the end of the year and again at the end of the school year, a student is drawn from all the submitted essays to win a grand prize. They get to choose from some really cool prizes, like a Wii, PlayStation, IPod, or a Blu-ray Player. The best part is seeing each month those selected teachers and how happy and pleased they are with their students. Not just because they won $50, but because their students love them and appreciate what they are doing in their lives and how they are involved in their lives. It’s definitely a thrill to watch.

Another Year Coming to an End

Another Year Coming to an End

The Christmas season is here.  For many, it signals a time of family gatherings.   Gift exchanges, office parties, parades, and holiday decorations are just a few of the signs that Christmas is almost here.   For the children, the thought of Santa coming and bringing presents is highly anticipated.   For those of us of the Christian faith, it is also a time of celebration and reflection of the “Reason for the Season”.

If the true meaning of Christmas is giving, then give of yourself.  Expensive presents aren’t the most important thing.  Enjoy the extra time to spend with family and friends.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter; use your imagination to think of ways to give to others that doesn’t cost money.  Giving of your time and talents is less expensive and is usually much more appreciated and cherished!

As Christmas approaches, it also signals the coming of the end of another year.  Wow, what a year this has been.  In Oklahoma, we saw record cold temperatures last winter.  Along with those record cold temperatures came record amounts of snowfall.  Most couldn’t wait for warmer weather to arrive.  Spring brought the usual turbulent weather, not only in Oklahoma, but throughout the nation.  There were devastating and deadly tornadoes in Alabama and Missouri as well as many other parts of the U.S., causing over a billion dollars’ worth of damage plus the loss of lives.  Flooding still continues in parts of the upper Midwest.   Then summer came and with it came record heat.  Parts of the state recorded temperatures over 100 more than 60 days this year.

Speaking of weather, only in Oklahoma can you have in the same day earthquakes, tornados, hail storms, and flooding!  Yes, it’s been quite a year.  These weather patterns emphasize the need to make sure all of your insurance policies are current based on today’s costs.  At RCI Insurance Group, we’re always available to review your insurance protection with you.  Feel free to give us a call.

It’s been a challenging year for all of us in so many ways, but with the New Year, hope should spring eternal in all of us.  We live in the greatest nation on the planet and are blessed with so many freedoms and benefits much of the world can only dream about.

Let’s make plans for 2012 to be our best year ever.  THE ROAD IS UP, THE WAY IS CLEAR, AND THE SKY’S THE LIMIT.

Christmas Came Early This Year

We recently heard of a need in Chelsea, Oklahoma. The public library was in desperate need of computers. Luckily, we had a few extra computers. Not too long ago, our office upgraded all of our computer systems. Not wanting to waste the extra computers we now had, making a donation to the Chelsea Public Library seemed liked a great idea.

Loading up six computers, monitors, keyboards, and mice, a couple of our employees went to the Chelsea Public Library and donated it all to them. The local librarians, Laura Adkins and Rae Brown, were absolutely ecstatic about the new computers. For such a small library, their clients have a great need for computers. There is usually a wait for the few computers that they do have.

Laura and Rae were so happy with the computers and couldn’t wait to get them set up. Laura kept exclaiming excitedly, “We got six?!?! We got six?!?! We got six?!?!”

While Rae justkept saying said “Christmas came early this year!!!”

RCI Insurance is proud to have helped a local library make giant leaps in the process of education.
Here is a letter from the ladies at the Chelsea Public Library:

To the RCI office family,
Today, Christmas came early to the Chelsea Public Library.
As a longtime customer of yours (over 10 years), I was very impressed with your out-reach work in the communities of Rogers County.
Your very generous donation of 6 computers, keyboards, and monitors, to the Chelsea Public Library (where I work) is a testimony to the kind of company you are, and the kind I am proud to do business with.
Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the grateful staff at Chelsea Public Library!

Laura Adkins Library Director
Rae Brown (customer) Librarian

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Ok, I know kind of cheesy and so ten years ago but at the end of August the answer is going to be a resounding…………the Claremore Animal Shelter.

It’s the second annual DOG EXPO 2011 featuring the world famous Dock Dogs. The dedicated staff at the Claremore Animal Shelter has started a yearly tradition of celebrating man’s best friend.

One of the goals of the expo is to bring attention to local rescue organizations and celebrate our four legged best friends. We have all seen it, the stray dog wandering around hungry and alone, the litter of puppies dumped on the side of the road, or the unfriendly dog wandering around your home looking for food and scaring the kids.

Inside the city limits, you can call the City Animal Shelter but if you are located outside the city limits, there is really no one to call for help. Rogers County does not have an animal shelter. This problem is left to volunteer organizations dedicated to helping abandoned and abused animals. These organizations work off of money from their own pockets and donations.

They could sure use our support. After all, they are there for us when we need them.

Inside the Claremore city limits we have a wonderful shelter with a caring and dedicated staff. Unfortunately, there is limited room and resources so the shelter is forced to put down dogs who have not been adopted within a certain period of time. This is why it is so important that when you and your family decide to make a four legged addition to your household that you consider adopting an animal from the shelter instead of buying from a breeder. There are many wonderful animals available that just want to be loved.

The Shelter will have a booth on site with dogs available for adoption.

Other booths will feature local vendors specializing in dog products and organizations that provide special training for animals including the Dock Dogs, search and rescue, and stock and hunting dogs.

Vaccinations will be available on site by local veterinarians for a small fee and patrons are encouraged to bring along your own four legged friends (on a leash of course).

If you are considering adopting a pet, please come out and see what our local rescue organizations have to offer before you purchase from a breeder.

The expo will be held on Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28 and activities will include:
• Dock Dogs
• Speed Retrieve Competition
• Oklahoma Stock Dog Demonstration
• Big Air WAVE Competition
• Ugliest Dog Contest
• Cutest Dog Outfit Contest
• Extreme Vertical Competition
• Oklahoma Stock Dog Herding Trials
• Rescue dogs showcase
• Dog Trick Demonstrations
• Vendor presentations