Elf on the Shelf hits RCI Insurance

I hope everyone was safe in the winter weather that has covered most of the U.S. this past week! Everyone here weathered the storm just fine, until they came back to work on Monday.

I’m not sure Santa just thought that there was not production coming out of the office, or maybe not enough holiday cheer going on, but he sent in the “Elf on the Shelf.”  This was the scene we walked into Monday morning.

Elf Day 1

According to the note we found his name is Auto (how fitting) and he will be keeping an eye on things through the Holiday season.  On Tuesday the Elf was no longer dangling from the garland, but from the tape dispenser on Julie’s desk.  The jury is still out on what exactly he was trying to tape.

Elf Day 2

Not everyone in the office had heard about the Elf until Wednesday when Chet came into work to this.

photo 3                             elf day 3

And Chet was clearly confused over our Elfs behavior. Chet Elf

I guess Auto was worried he may have taken it a little to far with Chet, so the next few days he took it easy on us. I am pretty sure Karen helped him clean up this mess. This morning I do believe he was just trying to help us get some work done!

skittles                          elf day 5

It is debatable if he actually sold any insurance, but we will give him an A for effort!




Christmas Came Early This Year

We recently heard of a need in Chelsea, Oklahoma. The public library was in desperate need of computers. Luckily, we had a few extra computers. Not too long ago, our office upgraded all of our computer systems. Not wanting to waste the extra computers we now had, making a donation to the Chelsea Public Library seemed liked a great idea.

Loading up six computers, monitors, keyboards, and mice, a couple of our employees went to the Chelsea Public Library and donated it all to them. The local librarians, Laura Adkins and Rae Brown, were absolutely ecstatic about the new computers. For such a small library, their clients have a great need for computers. There is usually a wait for the few computers that they do have.

Laura and Rae were so happy with the computers and couldn’t wait to get them set up. Laura kept exclaiming excitedly, “We got six?!?! We got six?!?! We got six?!?!”

While Rae justkept saying said “Christmas came early this year!!!”

RCI Insurance is proud to have helped a local library make giant leaps in the process of education.
Here is a letter from the ladies at the Chelsea Public Library:

To the RCI office family,
Today, Christmas came early to the Chelsea Public Library.
As a longtime customer of yours (over 10 years), I was very impressed with your out-reach work in the communities of Rogers County.
Your very generous donation of 6 computers, keyboards, and monitors, to the Chelsea Public Library (where I work) is a testimony to the kind of company you are, and the kind I am proud to do business with.
Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the grateful staff at Chelsea Public Library!

Laura Adkins Library Director
Rae Brown (customer) Librarian