It’s the Apocalypse, wait its just Snow.

Sitting here today as Oklahoma weather shows it’s ugly face, and everyone preps as if the zombie apocalypse is about to occur, you know rushing to the grocery store fighting over bread and milk.  Nevertheless I thought since everyone else was stocking their cabinets with food and supplies I would prep you all with some winter driving tips!

RCI Snowy Vehicle

Winter Weather Driving Tips from The Weather Channel:

1. Make sure both you and your vehicle are properly equipped to handle the roads and the weather. My husband laughs at me because when the weather rolls around I put snacks & blankets in my car. I don’t want to starve or freeze to death! I think the amusing part here is that we do not live in Montana where you go MILES without seeing anything or anyone. Bottom line here, dress accordingly and be prepared for anything.

2. Slow down & drive smoothly. Speeding to get out of the weather is not going to help anyone. Patience is a virtue (I am not saying I have much of one myself), but driving slower and being more cautious is going to be your saving grace.  Keep your lane changes to a minimum, and do not lay on your brakes.

3. Do Not Tailgate. Obvious as it may be tailgating provides a ton of accidents and claims.  I also know that driving on a busy road makes tailgating hard to avoid.  If you leave too much space between you and the car in front of you other drivers jump right in. Stop and go traffic is the worst. A fender bender in the freezing rain and snow is not the way you want to spend your time. These fender benders are so frequent when roads wet or icy some cities run programs like Tulsa’s “Operation Slick Streets” which means that officers will not respond to non-injury accidents. They suggest you exchange insurance information and if you are close to a Quick Trip you can pick up a collision report to fill out.

4. Do Not use Cruise Control. Hopefully this will keep your speed down as well as keep you more aware of your surroundings.

5. Pull over or stay home. Of course if you are able to stay home and out of the weather that would be your best bet. If you do have to get out then remember that there is no shame in pulling over or waiting till the weather lightens up before heading on your way.

While working on this I have read on that Tulsa has in fact enacted the “Operation Slick Streets” this means it is getting rough out there. Hopefully everyone has their milk and eggs because as of this morning there was not a lot left. Everyone remember these driving tips and be safe as you head home!


Little White Lies in Insurance

Deceitful Words for Cheaper Rates:

A common misconception that insured’s have is that they can lie to the insurance company or their agent and get away with it while paying a lower premium for their insurance. Most people will “forget” the number of tickets, accidents and claims they have had within the last five years. This is why, at RCI Insurance Group, we pull everyone’s Motor Vehicle Report (M.V.R.) and Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (C.L.U.E.) report. The M.V.R. report shows the insurance company any tickets or accidents, even those accidents that are not at fault. The C.L.U.E. report shows claims that have been made on your auto policy and on your home. This report shows such claims as hail damage to your roof or your car, hot water tank burst causing water damage, an auto collision with another object or person, and anything that has happened to your home or cars that your insurance has paid to fix or replace. When you misrepresent information on your insurance policy and you have a claim, the claim can be denied when the company finds out about the wrong information and you will not get paid for your loss.

When it comes to your life insurance application, insurance companies have access to the following: paramedical exam records, doctor’s records, pharmaceutical database searches, credit reports, motor vehicle reports, and autopsy reports. So misrepresenting your annual income, current health, family health history, tobacco and drug use, or even the fact that you have depression could result in the cancellation of your policy.

In conclusion, just remember that an insurance policy is a contract of Utmost Good Faith: Each party is entitled to rely upon the representations of the other.

  • The insured tells the truth regarding material facts expecting the insurer to fulfill promise to pay any covered loss.

Remember: Deceitful Words for Cheaper Rates up front will lead to MUCH higher costs in the long run.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider….

Spiders are everywhere! Our no winter and extremely warm summer have made the spiders a serious matter of concern this year. Brown recluse spiders are definitely not what I would want to find anywhere inside my home.  Unfortunately, they’re finding new places to find water and rest. According to a local news station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, these eight-legged creatures are finding a new spot to hide out, the bathroom.  The porcelain throne is a cool place and spiders can actually get a drink of water from it.

Spider bites can be very dangerous if not caught right away or many bites on your body or you have a serious reaction to their venom.  Especially brown recluse spiders, their poison has been known to cause skin irritation, possible disfigurement, or in extreme rare cases they can cause death.  YIKES! I thought I’d spare you and not post pictures of these bites. Since I have a weak stomach, I don’t want to look at these pictures and figure out which are not too graphic yet still show the dangers of these bites.  (I’m sure you can find some pictures on-line if you really wanted to see the aftermath of a brown recluse spider bite. It’s not pretty.)

One year, we did have a claim turned in regarding brown recluse bites.  A man had been hired to work for a hotel. In exchange for part of his pay, he was given free room and board. However, there was a nest of brown recluse spiders that also resided in that same room. Needless to say, the man had several bites and the medical bills were outrageous! The pictures were just awful.

It would definitely be a plus to have an Oklahoma Health Insurance policy should you find a spider bite on you or one of your family members.  Doctor visits, ER visits, antibiotics, or any other health related issues that may arise from a spider bite can get quite expensive. You can find some financial relief with having the right health insurance in place before something like this happened.